Ducks in a Permaculture System (Scotland)

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by James Reid, PRI Tap o’ Noth You don’t have a slug problem, you have a duck deficiency. — Bill Mollison It was reading the above quote that made us want to acquire some ducks here at PRI Tap o’ Noth in North East Scotland. The idea of using the natural foraging instinct of the… Read more »

Urban Garden Demonstration Update (New Zealand)

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by Kay Baxter, PRI New Zealand (Koanga Institute) This is an update on our urban permaculture garden experiment which integrates the best ideas from our Permaculture Design Course students into a working urban garden here in our North Island, New Zealand temperate climate. Our end product includes rabbits, chickens, a 36 sq m biointensive garden,… Read more »

Of Mice and Men and Chooks

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Some of the motley chook collective A good mate of mine described the chook (chicken) collective here as a “motley collection”. I’m unsure whether this was a compliment and didn’t care to ask. Different breeds of chooks are really valuable though as they all lay eggs during different times of the year. So, with a… Read more »

Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm Video Tour – Part II

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Last year I took some time out to make a Zaytuna Farm Video Tour for you all (embedded here, with lots of photos and text). The positive comments, both on our site and on YouTube, along with additional questions (see comments below this post), encouraged us to make another! This new video, above, shot 11-12… Read more »

Integrating Livestock in the Food Forest

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Cattle grazing under alder in silvopasture system at Las Canadas, Huatusco, Mexico Integrating livestock seems to be the best way to have a larger-scale food forest (anything over one hectare or a couple of acres). If done properly, livestock integration can greatly reduce labor and fossil fuel needs. It can create the conditions for happy… Read more »

VEG Design Solutions, Part One: the Chicken/Fox Filter

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by Dan Palmer, Very Edible Gardens When designing edible gardens, a site-specific problem will often crop up. One of the most enjoyable aspects of permaculture design for us is devising site-specific solutions to those problems. In this short series we give four examples, all bona fide VEG originals, with a new one each month for… Read more »

Animal Systems at HEPA, Vietnam

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At SPERI’s Human Ecology Project Area we have a number of Farmer Field Schools (HEPA FFS) which are host to students from a variety of indigenous minority groups from Vietnam and Laos. The students are here to learn about eco-farming and permaculture whilst respecting traditional laws and customs. The main focus of the farms isn’t… Read more »

Ecofilms 2011 – What Are We Working On?

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We’re planning a number of exciting new titles to be released in 2011. Urban Permaculture DVD One of the complaints we often get from people living in the city is that we focus a little heavily on Permaculture titles that require a large scale farm to get the most benefit from practicing Permaculture. So we… Read more »

How to Make a Home Made Chicken Feeder

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Editor’s Note: There are still some places left on Jesse’s PDC course at PRI’s Zaytuna Farm in NSW, Australia. Book now! by Jesse Lemieux Last Thursday afternoon, at approximately 4:00pm Tanya asked me, “What about the chickens?” “Oops I hadn’t thought about that.” Recently, we got our hands on three Chantecler pullets.  The Chantecler is… Read more »

How to Make an Egg Mobile

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So, we wanted to make an egg mobile for egg laying chickens to follow behind our dairy cows and fertilise the pasture while scratching the manure that the cows leave behind. The chickens also leave behind their own manure whilst free ranging across pasture. This technique allows the chickens to supplement their diet and produce… Read more »