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Saving the Planet through Permaculture….and Zoning Laws/Building Codes?

Saving the Planet through Permaculture feat

Right now on this planet there are thousands of Permaculture warriors prepared to regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems and feed the world abundantly. Imagine if suddenly it was possible for a land owner or small farmer to get a legal permit for a ‘Low Impact Sustainable Development’ (LISD) on their land – an EcoVillage. Imagine an agency that worked with local government to standardize a framework and criteria that had each […]

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Quail Aviary Construction – With Jack Spirko!

Quail Aviary Construction jack spirko

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast takes you through the construction of a Quail Aviary on his property. Also, if you want to know anything about Ducks, Gooses (Geese – But Jack is right, Gooses sounds correct), head over to Jacks’ Youtube Channel for the enjoyable Duck Chronicles – now up to episode 23 for Season 2.

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10 Ways to Use Palm Fronds in the Home and Garden

palm fronds

For those who read the pages of Permaculture News regularly, you may have stumbled upon an article or two by me, and if that were anytime recently, then more than likely there will have been some part of that article devoted to my newfound fascination and appreciation for palm fronds, specifically those of the cohune palm, which is native to my current, likely permanent, location of Central America. But, the […]

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A Lesson in Building So It Won’t Last

Palm Thatch Rooftops

For many years now, decades even, I’ve heard people talk about how things aren’t built the way they used to be. Cars don’t last. Toys break after a few play dates. Computers seem to require replacing much more frequently. Cell phones are much the same. Pots, pans, appliances, electronics—everything has gone the way of cheap production and “bargain” sales. The cynical side of me sees industries manufacturing substandard products so […]

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Grow Your Own Food Year-Round with DIY Solar Greenhouse

Grow Your Own Food Year-Round with DIY Solar Greenhouse

If you’ve ever thought about growing your own food, the Greenhouse of the Future might be the answer you’re looking for. A futuristic greenhouse design allows people to escape the tyranny of the industrial food system.

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Amazing Off-the-Grid Tiny House on Wheels in Australia


A tour of Fred and Shannon Schultz’s amazing off-the-grid tiny house on wheels in Victoria, Australia. Fred spent 3 years designing the house in SketchUp and another year building it, mostly by himself and with little experience.

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Inspiration taking Root


It’s no secret that food security is becoming a critical issue around the world. With drought, economic instability, erratic weather and interruptions in transportation a very real threat, it really doesn’t take much to have the food supply disrupted. We’re certainly not immune to these effects in the West, especially since we rely heavily on corporate farming and mega supermarkets.

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Tiny House Build for $420 Made from Recycled Materials


The build of a $420 tiny house almost entirely made from recycled materials. The house is 6.25 square meters and includes a loft with a bed.
For more information about the work Jordan is doing, please visit

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Are Green Buildings Healthier Buildings?


– Green buildings are not just better for environment but are also beneficial for its occupant’s health. It’s well known that, green buildings reduce the impact on the environment by conserving water and energy, and by minimizing the disturbances to the local surroundings. But, what is less known and less recognized is the fact that, green buildings positively influence the human health, well-being and productivity. They influence directly at the […]

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Permaculture taking its ground in North Laikipia, Kenya!


Editor Note. This site is a great example of Permaculture in an environment that can be quite challenging, if you would like to see first hand how people work with their local conditions, please check out their website here or attend one of the PDC’s on offer. The Laikipia North region is a dryland facing severe problems of drought, food shortage, malnutrition, high mother/infant mortality, climate change challenges, massive soil […]

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Free Screening and E-Book this Weekend: The Greenhouse of the Future


Hi Everyone, Curt from Greenhouse of the Future here. This weekend we are very glad to offer you a free E-book and a free streaming version of our film: The Greenhouse of the Future on Our mission is to help propel the Permaculture movement forward by developing an easy to build, 100% self-sufficient greenhouse/temple of health and abundance. We hope that our film will inspire and support you on […]

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Tiny House on Wheels Workshop (Oct 17-22)


Samuel Alexander – is a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs and research fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), University of Melbourne. He also co-directs the Simplicity Institute. For those in Victoria, here are details of an upcoming “Tiny House on Wheels” workshop out at Wurruk’an. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to apply as spots are limited and are likely to be filled quickly. I’ve been part […]

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