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Premier Launches Program to Give SA The ‘Green Edge’ In Education


South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has launched (on March 4) a program offering world leadership in environmental education. CQUniversity’s Adelaide-based Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design has a world-leading faculty, a cutting-edge digital presence and is the first permaculture program to be accredited by an internationally recognised university. CQUni Associate Vice-Chancellor (Adelaide) Professor Drew Dawson says a new breed of Permaculture Design specialists will help foster sustainability in South A and […]

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Diversified Organic Market Gardening and Arboriculture


The method of Ferme du Bec Hellouin This report was originally published here and was translated by Marcus Busby. Ferme biologique du Bec Hellouin 27800 LE BEC HELLOUIN FRANCE Produce a lot in a small space, providing a diet invegetables for 1,000 people by the culture of land whose area does not nourish 50 if the ordinary methods were applied to it, and if anart did not come in […]

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Billions in Change – Official Film


The world is facing some huge problems. There’s a lot of talk about how to solve them. But talk doesn’t reduce pollution, or grow food, or heal the sick. That takes doing. This film is the story about a group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions they have made to change the lives of billions of people, and the unconventional billionaire spearheading the project. To me, the largest area of […]

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We have an Opportunity to Step up and meet Global Challenges Together

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There are so many fantastic, inspiring permaculture projects around the world. Over the last four weeks we have been sharing the stories of some of the 60+ applicants to an IPCUK scholarship fund. It would make such a difference to support as many of them as we can. The IPCUK scholarships crowdfunding project ends this Friday at 3pm. We have reached 90% of the target and have less than £1500 […]

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APC12 – only 3 weeks left to register!

Deadline for registration and presentation proposals is Jan 31st. This may seem a little early, but as small group of busy volunteers, we’ll need plenty of time to organise the conference to make sure it is the best it can be. Register at Send presentation proposal to: Our planet is going though the most rapid rate of change in its history, and we face a future of surprises, […]

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Want to be a Part of the Change?

Geoff Lawton was one of the keynote speakers at PV1 in Temcula, CA in March 2014. PV2 isn’t just another permaculture convergence that focuses on hyper-local DIY skill building and resiliency; we instead decided to look bigger. We are blending the practical techniques and tactics found in workshops with the entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity of a business conference. We have brought together a diverse group of creative and innovative doers […]

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Fruit Trees in the School Gardens Webinar

What in the garden could possibly be more exciting to students than a tree-ripened nectarine? Fruit trees and orchard-culture bring stability and productivity to the garden all in a high yielding and low maintenance package. In this webinar, Leo Buc, Director of Common Vision will discuss best practices for growing fresh fruit in school gardens. We’ll focus on every step of the process for new plantings and rehabbing existing trees.

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It’s been three years in the making — researching, designing, testing the application, and now it’s ready for the world to tap in and download the knowledge. During my PDC back in 2009 at the PRI, I sat there as Geoff Lawton was going through the many applications that permaculture covers. All I could think about was how many different business ideas I had come up with that could follow […]

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Woody Agriculture – On the Road to a New Paradigm

by Philip A. Rutter, B L. Rutter-Daywater, and S.J. Wiegrefe, originally published on the Oil Drum. In any attempt to comprehend a puzzle, or choose a new path forward, the first requirement is to see and comprehend each of the possibilities. We wish to bring to the attention of the energy community a potential food and biomass energy paradigm, previously unknown, to your considerations.

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Permaculture Research in the 21st Century: Web Surveys and Way, Way, Beyond

Participation in Permaculture is a web survey designed to help us learn about who is doing permaculture, how we are participating, and how it’s affecting our lives and landscapes. It’s part of a emerging phenomenon: doing research to systematically track and assess our impacts. Holmgren and Mollison broke up with institutional science back when they forged the permaculture perspective and birthed a movement. They had good reasons for doing so […]

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Reflections on Bringing Permaculture to the White House and Meeting President Obama

Editor’s Note: I want to congratulate Ryan and the UMass team on this significant milestone, and also wish to thank all of our readers who took a moment to vote to help ensure it came to pass. Onwards!

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UMass Permaculture Wins White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge!

We did it everyone! It is now official. The UMass Permaculture team will be heading to the White House on March 15! This has been an amazing and inspiring week to see the voting results unfold and be in the center of it all. I can’t thank everyone enough for the support you’ve provided us with. I’d like to share some reflections for how this week has been for me […]

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