Selling the Family Plot of Gold

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Almost 25 years ago I had THE big dream, THE self-sufficient, Permaculture lifestyle dream that is. From that moment on I worked hard towards it, both economically and educationally. Then finally, after five years my family and I swapped the mayhem of the city for a fresh air country plot of land on the Sunshine… Read more »

How a Single Women Transformed Her Urban Garden into a Productive, Organic, Tropical Paradise

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You don’t have to know her street number to find Rosina Buckman’s place. All you need is the street name. Winner of the Edible Landscape Award from Australia’s Sunshine Coast Council in 2009, her garden spills out into the nature strip, bursting with plants. Her driveway, once a barren front lawn, is now edged with… Read more »

What is a Refractometer and Why Do I Need One?

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Refractometers are used for quite a lot of things — drug diagnosis, gemology, veterinary medicine, aquarium upkeep and farming. In gardens and farming it is an all-in-one tool that can be used to test the health of your crops, via a brix rating system. A refractometer uses refractive light passing through plant sap or fruit… Read more »

Save the World, Without Giving Your Money Away!

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Editor’s Note: There are still places available on the April 17-30 PDC in Morocco – you’re encouraged to book now! Andy’s side-offer, described below, may well be another good reason to go – as while taking the course you have opportunity to check out a very affordable investment opportunity that may pay dividends in more… Read more »