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Found-Object Garden Design at The Farm Inn in Southern Belize

To The Farm Inn

Something that has thoroughly impressed Kevin during our six weeks at The Farm Inn in the southern depths of Belize, where a paved highway has only just made it, is that we are only using things that are already on the property. When I hear him excitedly describe his concept of permaculture—what we, my wife Emma and I, are doing—to people, he always mentions this fact. Over the last few […]

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Facts that Expound more on what Constitutes of Bamboo

featIMG_8071Ingrid Pullen Photography

Photo: Bambusa vulgaris at the PRI Zaytuna Farm Bamboo Bamboo is a resource that over the ages was not tapped. It has been viewed as an ornamental plant in the gardens and at times, in art and its economic potential not fully exploited. Bamboo is ‘the new timber’, and now people are embracing it. For the most part, it is embraced for its economic importance and benefits over timber, and […]

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Baobs and Bunyas


The Boabs of Kimberley in the North West of Australia and the Bunyas of the north east coasts of Australia are two trees with outstanding appearance and function. These are two of my special interest trees the Boab Adansonia gegoeri and Bunya Araucaria bidwiili. My visits to the Kimberley began in the nineteen seventies and continued into the eighties. In the years 1999 to2003, I was living in the East […]

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Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is an intricate, but rewarding art. The fungal networks called mycelium need specific conditions to produce healthy mushrooms. If the conditions are off, the mycelium will be too busy fighting microbes to produce healthy fruiting mushrooms. For the beginner, I recommend a mushroom growing kit. These kits come with a pasteurized substrate, grain spawn, and a suitable container for cultivation. These kits provide novice growers the opportunity to […]

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How to Grow a Seedling into a Plant

Star fruit started from seed in a yogurt pot It’s as natural as natural can be: Plants, from trees to chives, start small and get bigger. We can’t really escape that fact. The trick for those of us looking to cultivate, to instigate food forests and healthy polycultural gardens, is somehow getting from our seedlings to something that will provide us with food, or timber, or chop-and-drop mulch, or windbreaks, […]

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Fruttorti Parma: Results of 2014 trials on unusual tubers, legumes, pseudo-cereals and other annuals.

Raised beds and other experiments Besides the area dedicated to the food forest several other small agronomic trials are carried over in raised beds or small plots between the young trees in the Picasso Food Forest. In particular, 10 raised beds were built during the winter 2014 to:

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Re-Greening a Mountain

Re-Greening a Mountain video trailer. See the full version on When Geoff Lawton says this is the best Permaculture demonstration site on the planet, then you have to stop and listen. “Where is it exactly?” I asked, as I’ve never heard of this place. I didn’t know the Chinese were even into permaculture. “Kadoorie Farm” he said and he insisted we go there and film. “It’s in Hong Kong […]

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Report on 5-Day Permaculture Workshop for the Etse Fewus Herbalists Association in Fitch, North Soha, Ethiopia: Part 2

Continuing from Part 1. Sunday 21/09/14: Day 4 The group were very happy with the biole preparations we did on day 3. They were amazed that we could make fertilizer out of basic farmyard trash when they had all been paying though the nose for imported chemicals for the past years. So riding this wave of enthusiasm I hoped we would make good progress in covering the material today. Unfortunately […]

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Accidental Propagation, For the Best in Gardening (Panama)

Many of the most successful gardens we’ve propagated have been as much luck and accident as they have been my astounding wits. We’ve made lots of special garden beds, no-till expressions of fertility and decomposition, but often times it’s the rogue plantings, the spots where seeds have fallen from a pocket or simply tossed away as compostable refuse, that turn out to be the most bountiful. Here are some of […]

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Low-Tech Natural Nursery Strategies (Washington, USA)

When most people think about nurseries and plant propagation, they conjure up rows and rows of black pots and the smell of moist palettes of artificial fertilizer. But there is no natural law which dictates this to be the only, or even a preferable way in which to propagate plants. While in-situ propagation from seed has been proven to be the healthiest and most energy efficient means of mass propagating […]

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Air Pruning (video)

Here is an interesting and simple-to-manage technique that will promote better root growth for your potted plants. It can be applied to plants that will stay permanently in pots or for those that will end up in your garden. Those interested in this should also check out the ‘Air Nursery’ chapter of the Farmers’ Handbook.

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Zaytuna Farm Permaculture Plant Nursery Paper Pots

Photos © Ingrid Pullen A permaculture plant nursery will contain the three ethics of permaculture design — Earth Care, People Care and the return of system surplus to the first two ethics. Part of earth and people care is the reduction and eventual replacement of non-biodegradable plastic plant pots, trays and bags.

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