Compost as a Way to Remove Toxins in the Environment

Compost as a Way to Remove Toxins in the Environment feat

If soil changes take place in a negative form, restoring this soil back to its original state is quite a challenge. However, by the use of compost which introduces beneficial soil organisms to support the desired vegetative life, we can support the rapid regeneration of the soil back to its native state. This is left to take form in a natural manner will take thousands of years for the earth’s […]

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Quail Aviary Construction – With Jack Spirko!

Quail Aviary Construction jack spirko

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast takes you through the construction of a Quail Aviary on his property. Also, if you want to know anything about Ducks, Gooses (Geese – But Jack is right, Gooses sounds correct), head over to Jacks’ Youtube Channel for the enjoyable Duck Chronicles – now up to episode 23 for Season 2.

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Awesome Ways to Make Seed Balls with Kids

pri - Awesome Ways to Make Seed Balls with Kids feat

Growing plants from seed is not always an easy task. It requires careful planning and proper follow through to germinate and survive long enough to send their nascent roots down into the soil. Though seeds are amazing structures designed to provide everything for a plant to start growing, most of them still need a bit of help to keep them secure from their surroundings. Seed balls, also referred to as […]

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Zone Four Chop and Drop

tom zone four 01

Even though its getting to the end of the wet season and is possibly a bit late I have started the chop and drop process on the zone four swale. It has been planted out to timber trees and support species and of course quite a lot of natures additions have germinated as well. I have plenty of other things that I could be doing however I think that the […]

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Mediterranean Tree Guilds That Work!

nicholas burtner guilds

Nicholas Burtner is again with the awesome Loren Luyendyk at a Mediterranean food forest he helped established roughly 7 years ago. Take a yander at the very established lists of trees, a short history, and some tips for each one in that is in this set up. Really awesome stuff!

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Food Security and Food Sovereignty

Food Security and Food Sovereignty Paul feat

Food security and food sovereignty are ever increasing issues, we need to learn new methods for growing food for areas in need these include anything from the most remote islands or even inner city horticulture where we need to have food grow more community food in the community itself. Ultimately we should be able to recycle community waste as resource and ‘grow food for free’. We have a project on […]

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A Site Specific Nuts and Bolts of Zone 1 Gardening in Rio Dulce: Tropical Wet/Dry Climate

feat Sweet Potato, Chaya, Habenero, Okra, Cuban Oregano, and More - Copy

Recently, I put together an article outlining the (or my) basic theory of Zone 1 gardening, both for a specific NGO project I’m working on as well as in the hopes that it might be helpful for others in similar situations. For it, I wanted to present broad, accessible ideas that could apply across the spectrum of climates and, in the case of charity projects, cultural practices. Ultimately, though, we […]

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Upside-Down Tomato Garden DIY


We know that a lot of people want to grow tomatoes but simply do not have a backyard spacious enough for it or do not even have a backyard at all. Here’s a simple solution to remedy that: the upside-down tomato garden. You’ll be able to plant tomatoes and hang them vertically and they’ll consume only a very small amount of space. Do you want to build your own upside-down […]

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Potato Planting

Tom Potato 01

What better way to get the garden in order than to re-establish beds and get them planted out. On occasion I have found that I have been weeding and mulching beds and not getting to plant them only to have to come back and re-prepare to plant. So we are focusing on just get them ready and plant immediately. Today’s focus was on two narrow beds that had a lot […]

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Compost, Gloves and Shovel

Poor soil fertility is a major limiting factor to crop yield; which is worse in the case of resource – poor farmers in developing countries. Along with the existing poor fertility, the continuous degradation of soil quality due to, the haphazard use of chemicals has made the situation worst. During the initial stages of chemical fertilizers use, they were highly accepted by the farmers as they were promised as, capable […]

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Food Forests & Crop Gardens

Food Forests & Crop Gardens

In just over a months time the Permaculture Research Institute, Australia will be hosting a Food Forest & Crop Garden course at our home, Zaytuna Farm in Northern NSW Australia. In this course, Geoff and Nadia will explain the patterns of these systems and the essential principles of “time stacking” your garden with the right mix of support species that feed and protect your fledgling trees into maturity. You will be putting this new found theory into action, planting the seeds and seeing how the system grows with example gardens at different stages of development. Zaytuna Farm is pure gold for a high rich learning environment.

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What We All Can Do Now To Make Change Happen Overnight

What We All Can Do Now To Make Change Happen Overnight 02

We can’t all transition into a self-sufficient homestead or eco-village setting overnight, but that doesn’t mean we can’t transition our entire community locally starting today. If everyone just started growing their own food, buying the rest of their food locally, saving seed, & composting all our organic waste, the world overnight would change. There are several things that would happen. We’d all save money and eat better food. Food costs […]

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